During the Covid-19 pandemic RunningShoes Ltd has implemented significant protocols to ensure the safety of both RunningShoes staff and RunningShoes customers. 

  • We undertake regular risk assessments which have been read by all staff and the findings implemented. The risk assessment is constantly under review and is amended in accordance with Government advice. 
  • Facilities and touchpoints are sanitised at regular intervals. Regular handwashing is advised, and hygiene products and safe use instructions are provided for all staff. 
  • Staff are working socially distanced. 
  • Staff are not allowed to work in our warehouse if they, or anyone they live with, are displaying symptoms or have received a positive Covid-19 test. 
  • Couriers visiting our warehouse to collect and deliver goods must sanitise their hands on arrival. 
  • We have done everything practical to manage transmission risk in line with government guidelines where it is not possible to be 2m apart. 
  • With our generous returns period, we advise that customers receiving goods may wish to wait 48 hours from receiving items before trying on. 
  • We guarantee that we will quarantine any returned items for at least 48 hours before they are sent to another customer. 

RunningShoes Ltd Covid-19 protocol is constantly under review and is based on up to date Governmental guidance.