about us

RunningShoes.co.uk has been born out of a desire, often expressed by running and fitness fans, that they want to have fantastic kit to do their chosen sport, but at an affordable price.   

We all know what it is like when you find a firm favourite in your running kit has changed. In fact, we know what it is like when you can’t get the shoes, shorts or t-shirts you have always worn and loved because they have now been updated and replaced.     

Every new season there is a change of colour or a tweak of product composition, and yet we want our firm favourite to run in.  We also understand that it has been replaced with the latest season upgrade and therefore it should now be available at a better price.   

That is where RunningShoes.co.uk comes in.   

Our aim is to provide you past models and offer them to you at a competitive price. RunningShoes.co.uk brings you all of your favourite running brands and provides them in depth, with value and convenience.   

You will have to move quickly, and stocks won’t last forever, but we’ll assure you great customer service, great price and quick delivery to keep you running happy! 

And if you fancy treating yourself to the very latest kit, we also offer that too; so we’re offering you access to the newest products and most advanced technical features on the market when last season just doesn't quite cut it anymore.